Continuing Education Courses for Virginia DPOR Tradesmen HVAC, Mechanical, Electrician and Plumbers

  • State recognized internet training
  • Take the class anywhere and anytime
  • Classes for HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing; three hour classes – only $39 each
  • Gas Fitters, Natural Gas, and LP; one hour class – only $25
  • Easy registration with any major credit card
  • Does not require a code book to take the class
  • Save money by installing the work in accordance with the new codes

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 Why take the class?

The Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) requires continuing education training on the various codes in order to renew a trades certificate.

  • Contractors Institute, Inc. offers internet delivered training, recognized by DPOR, that focuses on major changes to the Trades portion of the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (USBC) that will become effective in early 2008
  • The courses were developed by experts who helped write the codes

 Course Delivery

  • Training is offered on-line from any computer
  • The sessions are open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week


  • Classes are acceptable for both Journeyman and Master Tradesmen
  • Students have unlimited time to complete the course
  • Exit the program without losing progress
  • Upon successful completion, students may print their certificate and a record is immediately transmitted to DPOR

Course Workbooks

  • Downloaded from the course digital library
  • Contains a copy of each page presented in class
  • Has fill-in-the blanks to help you study

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Students will need their tradesmen license number. If you do not know it, you can look it up at:

Need to Obtain a New Tradesman / Journeyman License?  If you are looking to take the initial trades classes – you will need to consult the Virginia Community College System VCCS – Click here to lookup trades classes in the state of VA


This is the course that is mandatory for any new contractor in the state of Virginia.  It presents the regulations and practices that govern the contracting industry. We will review the required elements of preparing a contract in accordance with regulation, explore methods in selecting customers and jobs based on license classification and experience, explore the  various business structures to meet their particular need, and tips that will help you to avoid regulatory and business problems.  The course is designed to guide contractors in making choices that will ensure compliance with regulation and maintain the license through business success.

The course provides guidance for operating a contracting business and can be used as a continued reference for topics such as estimating and bidding, insurance, banking and credit cards, project management, employment law, tax information, contracts, environmental issues and other subjects.  Once you register and review the material (PDF) and we transmit the results to DPOR.  It’s that simple.


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Thank you for taking your Continuing Education courses with Contractors Institute. We submit all CEU credits to the State of Virginia DPOR every night at 6pm. Occasionally we need to verify and resubmit your records to the state. Sometimes the information that we get is not complete or doesn’t match what the state has on file for you.

If you took courses with us and the state still has not updated your license record, please look up your record using this link. Look for your TRADESMAN LICENSE number and expiration date. If it is not showing as having been renewed and updated with the state, then fill out the resubmittal form below and we will gladly resubmit you to the state within 24 hours. Make sure that the license number that you are giving us is the same license number that the state has on file for you.

Once we resubmit you – we will email you to let you know that you have been resubmitted. If we have any questions we will email or call you. Please email or call us if you have any questions.

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